Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Crown Update

I have so much that I would like to talk about. I barely know where to begin. Since this blog was originally began on the topic of hair I figure I should start there.

so let us begin. As I said in my last post I am officially 2 years natural. I in no way regret mydecision to go natural. It was and still is a liberating experience. Now I have had my ups amd downs. Mainly right now I am kind of overwhelmed by those pesky knots on my strands. I do also get frustrated with my hair bit thats something that comes with the territory of having hair on your head period. As far as a regimen I don't have one. I always try to make a schedule but it doesnt work out. Now I think I am probably washing my hair every two weeks. Lately I've been doing mini twist. I usually wear those for a week then wear them untwisted for another week. Depending on my scalp I might wash my hair like a day or two before I untwist my hair. That is basically it. I used to just do a regular twist out but I always ended up wearing a headband. so I decided to do the mini twist as a way to give my edges a break from the headbands. I admit I wear the headbands sometimes when I work out though.

So since I am 3 years into my healthy hair journey, and 2 years into my natural journey the pj phase is long gone. Not to say thay I don't want to try new things. Trust and believe I do bit I used to have to buy every item exactly when I wanted it. Now as long as I have some conditioner, moisturizer, and oil then I'm good. I actually gave away a ton of my hair products before I moved. I eventually want to get into mpre natural products but for now I focus on what is accessible to me. So here are the products I have been using the most:

L-R African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer Lotion, Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner, Now Sweet Almond Oil, and Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As I've said before these products are what I have been using consistently. They are not staples in any way.  Granted I can find an accessible place to find sweet almond oil that will become a staple. I might make the olive oil too for mixing purposes. I do love the AP Moisture Lotion and if my switch to more natural products doesnt work out I will consider making this a staple. Next are products I have used every now and then:

L-R ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion, ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Wild Growth Hair Oil, Cantu Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream, Mixed Silk by Silk Elements Nourishing Deep Conditioner, Let's Jam Shining & Conditioning Gel, Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave In Conditioner, Sammy Get Curls Curl Activating Lotion, Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo

I'm not too crazy about the ORS hair lotion. I usually use it mixed up with something. I only got it because it was accessible and cheap. The ORS conditioner was my go to deep conditioner for a long time. Now that I'm fully natural I don't use it as much. My hair needs more moisture but protein once in a while helps. As far as the wild Growth Oil I try to use it with my mini twist but forget. Most of the time I use it in a conditioner mix. I got the cantu because it was accessible and to temporary take place of my African Pride moisturizer. I've used it in the past so I got it again. I love the consistency but for some reason when I used it before putting in mini twist my hair didn't like it as much. I think because my hair was semi dry. I noticed it works better when it is applied to my hair when its wet. I decided to try the Mixed Silk deep conditioner since I don't like to use my ORS one as much. I actually like this conditioner for the most part. The first time I used it, it did leave my hair soft Despite that I probably will try something else one it runs out. For the most part I use the Let's Jam for most of my twist outs. It keeps my hair conditioned for a good little while. Also it makes taking my twist out a breeze.I did experiment and used the Sammy activating lotion on one of my mini twist. By day two I had to unravel my twist because they were far too frizzy. However the twist out was actually amazing. Now for the aphogee products. I only got the shampoo to replace my ORS clarifying shampoo. I wanted to get something a little more moisturizing. Its a good shampoo but I rarely use shampoo other then to clarify so it sort of defeats the purpose of me buying it. The pro-vitmain leave in is good. I mix it with olive oil and spray my hair once I finish washing my hair.
I didn't want this post to be this long. I planned to post some pictures of my hair, but I will save that for another time!
Peace, Love, & Blessings~