Monday, December 20, 2010


Long time no blog. I've had soooo much going on the last year. I though I posted more then I did. Anyway!!! To the good stuff!

I did my BIG CHOP on July 18th. I had to look at a calender thought I did it in August for some reason. Doesn't feel like it's been 5 months. My hair is growing fast. most likely because I really dont do a lot with it. I wash it every morning. Well technically co-wash it and once in a while I'll use shampoo if needed. Then I put in a leave in, a moisturizer, and sometimes oil and go. Since winter is here I really want to stop doing the wash and go. Still it's so easy. On top of that it is cold one day here and hot the next so that is not helping. I'm heading to Cali next month for my b-day so I'll get either twist or braids done.

Speaking of Cali!!! I will actually be moving there next summer. Hopefully!! I had a family emergency which required me to drain my savings. Don't mind doing that for my family, but I do hope I can move by next summer. I'm ready to go now. The economy is so bad there though that it does scare me. If it's God's will I'm sure I'll be there either way.

Anyway enough about that stuff it's HAUL TIME!

I've fallen in LOVE with Bath & Body Works again. I used to love them years ago, but fell off the wagon the last few years. Now I'm back on track and cant seem to stop buying there stuff. Next week they are having a sale on there classics. I have to stock up on my White Tea & Ginger.
Now to sum up my last few B&BW Trips:
Sensual Amber: Travel Size Fragrance Mist
Warm Vanilla Sugar: Fragrance Mist, Body Cream
Moonlight Path: Body Cream
Victoria's Secret PINK: Body Lotion & Travel Size Body Mist (Sweet & Flirty, Soft & Dreamy)
Secret Wonderland: Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Cream
Midnight Pomegranate: Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Cream
Butterfly Flower: Shower Gel, Body Lotion

Next is just a small Drugstore Haul.
I went to get a foundation and a facial brush cleaner but couldn't find a brush.
Garnier Nutritioniste: Skin Renew The Brusher
Milani: Even-Tone Powder Foundation
Nivea: A Kiss Of Milk & Honey

This will be my first time using foundation. I hope when I do full coverage the color works for me. I tested it out on a scar I have and it looked decent. I only purchase the Garnier because it was on sale and had a brush, so hopefully that works out too. Being that it is Christmas time I will definitely be coming back with more Haul pictures. I ordered a 120 palette last week. Yesterday I ordered 3 NYX lipglosses, and today I ordered 4 Urban Decay mascaras and a powder brush. So until next time Peace, Love, & Blessings

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ok I'm not dead!

Quite a while since I've posted anything on here. I've been so busy with work. When I'm not at work I'm most likely sleeping. Anyway lets get to why I'm really here.

As I said in my last post I wasn't sure when I would go back to my hairdresser. I think I went back after like 6 weeks. Haven't been back since. My hair still didn't get STRAIGHT when I went back for my relaxer so I'm now thinking about going back to transitioning again. I plan on getting my hair braided tomorrow. Hopefully the rest of the year my hair will be either twisted or braided. If things go well by the end of the year I'll just go right ahead and chop the relaxed hair off.

Even though I have yet to find a regimen for relaxed hair that I felt comfortable with I did manage to wash my hair once a week. I also deep conditioned once a week as well. I am still a PJ so I've purchased quite a bit since I last posted I'll have to update the purchases I made next time. I guess with keeping my hair braided up I most likely won't need those products until I start rocking my hair out again.

Anyway that is it for now. Peace, Love & Blessings~

Monday, January 4, 2010

What is up? Quick Update

So it has been a minute since my last post. I had to do a lot of thinking. I needed to think about where I really wanted to go as far as my hair was concerned. I really wanted to be natural. I just could see myself with my little kiddie way in the future with a cute fro. That still may be the case but however I decided to get a relaxer. I got so fed up. It was getting to the point where I was seeming to losing way too much hair. It seem no matter how good I would detangle my hair the next day it would be like I never did it. So I let go of my natural dream. For now at least.

So yes I brought 2010 in with straight hair. Which I'm actually happy about. The only thing is I need to find a new regimen for relaxed hair instead of transitioning hair. I've noticed a lot of my moisturizers have water in them. Which I don't mind but since I need to buy myself a hooded dryer and roller-setting is temporarily out of the question i don't want any reverting. My hairdresser is thinking I'll be getting relaxers every 4 weeks and that i'll be coming to her every two weeks. She is sadly mistaken. I'm going to try to continue to stretch my relaxers as long as possible. I made it 6 months without a relaxer so I have no desire to go back to that. The only thing was that this relaxer was last minute so I had actually washed my hair the night before. Which means I couldn't keep the relaxer on for as long as needed. So my hair technically isn't as straight as it could be. So I'm sort of unsure of when exactly I want to go back. Especially because she got crazy with the heat as well. I technically don't like my hairdresser. I miss my old one from Atlanta. She was the best my hair looked so healthy. With the one I have now it doesn't even compare. I know I should find a new one but I have no idea where to look.

Well anyway that is it for now. Peace, Love, & Blessings Everyone. Hope ya'll have a blessed New Year!