Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick Hair Update

So I haven't been devoting as much time to my hair in my last few post as I should be. Not that this is going to be a significant post either. I Had attempted to do a length check last week before I washed my hair. The pictures didn't turn out like I wanted so I eventually gave up. I can say my hair is to my collarbone. So that is exciting. This year alone has passed so fast that I will be 2years natural in no time.
I had been wearing a sew in for about a month so I could leave my hair alone. It was getting to the point that I was getting scissor happy with my hair. I has grown quite a bit. Unfortunately my patience is thin after the sew in so instead of letting my hair condition over night I tried to detangle right away and ended up trimming a portion of my crown off. Now that my hair has gotten longer I can no longer wash and go like I used too. I can still wash and go technically but due to the length of my hair I need to find a new technique.
These last two weeks I have been doing two strand twist. Which was my go to style before my sew in. I used to fluff my hair when I took the twist out, now I just let the twist be. I haven"t really adjusted my regimen since my hair got longer so that is something I need to do asap. I've just been winging it, but I don't think my hair cares for that too much. That's what I need to do this week, work on my regimen and try to find some new styles to try.
My original plan was after I took the sew in out to get my hair pressed. Now I think I should wait for the new year. Plus I "plan" to get my hair colored a reddish tone whenever I builed up the courage to do it.

Anyway that is it for now so Peace, Love, & Blessings as always!

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