Thursday, July 30, 2009

So far...

Ok I'm four days in and it's going pretty well. I decided to wash my hair Monday night. Evrything went well. I decided to pre-poo with my Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I kept that on for a little under 2 hours. I thought about doing it overnight, but I didn't put enough oil on my hair to do that. When everything was said and done I liked the results I got. I decided to let my hair air dry. After it was about 80% dry I put in some Bantu Knots and kept them in over night.

I loved my results the next morning. This will definitely be a style I will continue to use. After I moisturized my hair Tuesday night I decided I wanted to try the braid out. So I braided my hair in...well I can't remember how many braids probably 8 or 9. The next morning I took them down and worked them apart. Well I hated that look. Maybe I didn't braid them down far enough or maybe I should have put rollers on the ends or something. It just was not hot. So I decided to put my hair in two buns. Well after I did that I was informed I looked 12 so yeah. I could not rock that look. So I ended up taking them down and suddenly my braid out looked perfect. It ended up looking exactly the way I wanted it to look. No pictures of that though sorry. >.<

Tonight I will be trying out the "Scarf Method". I will also be doing a Protein Treatment. I think one of the hardest part of this regimen will be trying not to manipulate my hair a lot. I just feel like I have to comb my hair everyday. I just can't deal with having matted hair. So yeah that is going to be tough.

Next week I'm going out of town so I will be flat ironing my hair. I'm going to try to cut my heat use down to every other week then hopefully once a month after a while. Next week I've also decided that I'm just going to shampoo on monday and do a cowash on Friday or Saturday. I hate washing my hair away from home so I'll resume my regular schedule the following week.

Oh yeah about my flat iron I have no idea what type it is. I was told it was a ceramic one but I'm not sure if it's just coated to be honest. So obviously I'm currently looking for a new one.
I'm thinking about going with the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron. The Chi Digital flat irons seem decent but I just don't want to dish out $100+ for that.

That is all for now. Next up I'll probably be posting my wishlist of products. I may even just post some random junk on my mind who knows. Peace out~

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