Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm not gone yet.

So I haven't posted much the last week and I apologize. I'm working out the kinks on my youtube videos. I did make another one, but I'm having problems with the volume. I did manage to finally get my shea butter. I love the smell of that stuff. I also picked up some more flexi rods and hair bun. So far I'm doing well on my castor oil challenge. I originally planned to start on the beginner one. Somehow I ended up on advanced. Which I technically wanted to do anyway.
One reason why I think I ended up on the advanced one, is because my hair has been feeling weird. Kind of dry like. I'm not sure if its because my hair may be porous or if it is because my hair just drinks up the moisturizer and oil. I'm thinking about getting some of that Roux Porosity Control Conditioner. If that happens to be the case.

I blow dried my hair on Monday. My cousin wanted to hang out and I was in the middle of my washing process so I had to dry it quicker then usual. I usually just let it air dry. I plan on flat ironing my hair out at the end of the month to see my growth process. After that I'll probably get some braids done. I really want to get twist but those are a lot more expensive.

Well that is it for now peoples.
Peace & Love

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