Friday, October 30, 2009

The doubts continue

My doubt has not waivered. My hair isn't the only one transitioning, but my life is as well. I have a new job and it's making me question my transitioning. I will be working longer hours then my last job so I wont have as much time to put towards my hair. My hair is also starting to tangle again. It's like if I don't mess with it, I end up making up for the lack of manipulation the next day with detangling. It's so annoying. To cut down on the detangling I usually moisturize and seal my hair while it's still a little damp on my wash days. This usually cuts down on me having to do a lot of detangling later on. Well on my last wash day I was soooo tired. All I managed to put on my hair was my leave ins. After that I rapped a scarf around my head and fell out. Well despite my hair being extremely soft and just about perfect after that wash day when I got around to moisturizing and sealing the next night it was horrible. My new growth is on a whole new level. I'm just getting to the point where I have so much stuff I need to think about and don't even want to be bothered with my hair. I've been thinking about relaxing, but in the end it just makes me cringe. I've gotten this far. I'm about 4 months post and I have 5 more to go. I don't want to give up now. As soon as I relax I'll be back to square one if suddenly I want to transition again. I'm thinking the best thing to get me threw this is to either to get some braids or twist. I think as soon as I do that and just take a break from my hair I'll be alright. Hopefully my spirit will be renewd and I can get through it. Pray for me people. Anyway I'm off to work.
Peace & Love

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  1. Hey Ferri Berri I just wanted to drop a line and say that I am enjoying your posts. They are so honest about your transitioning journey. I am also on this journey although not as far as you yet. I'll get there, slowly but surely, i'll get there. :o)

    My best, Lynn
    love your layout! ;o)