Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to the JUNGLE!!!!

No fun and games here though. Ok I've hit that point that every transitioner and stretcher alike dreads. You know what I'm talking about.... That moment that tempts you to break down and get a relaxer because you just can't take it anymore. Lucky for me I've hit the "hair gone wild" point BUT I actually have no desire to perm. I mean don't even get me wrong. I do think about how great all this growth would look if I got a relaxer. I would love to see how much growth I truly retained with a relaxer. That being said I'm just over actually having one. It was nice while I had it. Now it's time for me to move on. This wild hair just makes me want to BC now. The only thing is...ok I know this is corny but I was looking forward to the wash and gos. It's almost winter though I won't be able to truly appreciate them during this time. Unless I want to get sick that is.

Since I'm feeling the urge to BC now I think I may not make it to next year. So I'm probably going to do it once I get settled in my new job and start school. Then again like I said earlier winter is coming. That makes me want to reconsider. I'm always cold. Now that winter is coming I'm going to need the extra hair to keep my head warm. lol

You know what I forgot to mention in my last post about my length check. I guess that's what I should call it. Well I pushed it back to next week after I was supposed to do it last week. Well I'm pushing it back again. I'll be doing it the week after next. I'm not sure if I'm going out of town next week but I'm definitely going the week after next. So expect some pictures from that. Also this month I'm going to try a PJ rehab challenge. A personal one. I'm just going to try not to buy any hair products this month. Lets hope I accomplish it. I was going to post some pictures of my new growth but I'm feeling extremely lazy now so look for those in the next post. Well that is it for now. Peace & Love!

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