Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm so sorry I'm just continuing my last post. This week was so so busy. I had a job interview the day after my post which is why I didn't finish it. I was in the middle of doing my hair. I didn't finish that until almost 1AM I think. I had to be up like at 7 something so I didn't have time to finish my post. After that my week was non stop between work and church events. When I got home today I passed out. lol No joke. The only 2 reasons I'm really even up was because I've had a taste for ice cream all week and hadn't had any time to enjoy the ice cream I got on Wedneseday. The second reason was because I really wanted to finish the last post or at least continue it. So here I go.

I didn't just get the heat protectant spray from Sally's. I also picked up some more processing bags and butterfly clips. I don't know if it's just me but I keep losing my clips. I have no idea what I do with those things but anyway. On my little trip shopping the other day I also picked up some makeup. I'd post pictures but I haven't even taken any. Which sort of brings me to my next subject. I finally got my YT channel straight. I got a new camera so the sounds a lot better then the first video I made a while back. On there you can see all the stuff I picked up.

Anyway back to my hair. I was supposed to bun it up this week like I stated in my last post. Which I did not. I planned to go back to the buns after the interview but like I said the week was soooo busy. I literally rocked that flexi rod style until tonight. By the time I made it into my room I was in the bed sleep. I didn't have enough energy to do anything except put a hair bonnet on. Surprisingly my curls held up even though I went to sleep on them. When I got up in the morning I just combed them out and threw a headband on and it actually looked good. I think it's actually because of my clarifying wash. I think I may be a little heavey handed. Well I should say I know I'm heavy handed. I looked inside my HB Olive Creme jar and was blow away. I have like a tiny bit left. I just got it like a month ago. What a shame. I love that stuff though. It has to be my fave moisturizer hands down. I like HB Carrot Creme too but it's a protein so I don't want to get crazy with that.

Let me not forget the Castor Oil Challenge at Hairlista. Well I'm taking a break from it. My week(as I've stated a gajillion time) has been too busy for me to continue it. On top of that my new growth is prominent, and I don't feel like moisturizing and sealing then going back and applying the castor oil. I loved the challenge I just have too much going on at the moment. I may pick it back up at the beginning of November or later on this month.

So anyway that is pretty much it for now. TTYL!! Peace & Love<3

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