Monday, October 12, 2009

That time has come sooner then I thought...I THINK!

So the other day when I washed my hair I planned to detangle in the shower. I felt some tangles the day before and I had to do something about them. To be honest detangling in the shower freaks me out. I'm always afraid I'll have tons of breakage so I never fully detangle in the shower. Well after I washed and my hair was 85-90% dry I started moisturizing and sealing like usual. Well when I started I found out the true extent of my tangles. It was CRAZY! I had no idea how I could have no idea that my hair was that tangled. It was crazy. It literally took me 3 hours to do my hair. I actually made a YT video explaining the whole situation but I have yet to get around to posting it for some reason. Forgive me.
After I got all the tangles out a few days later I noticed another one. I don't know what is going on. My hair does not usually tangle like this. Which is why I THINK it may be time to BC. I don't know how it was even as easy as it was to detangle my hair. I just think the longer my hair gets the worse the tangles would be. So maybe it is best I just cut my hair off now. So on Wednesday I plan on going to this natural hair salon and seeing if they will cut my hair off. NOT YET! Eventually lol.
Oh yes let me not forget. In my last post I said I would not purchase any hair products for a month. I did however go out and buy my HB Olive Creme as well as my HB Carrot Creme. I NEEDED them. Seriously. I would have not gotten all of those tangles out had it not been for my carrot creme. As far as my Olive Creme I live by that stuff. I love it soo much. I use that a lot more then the Carrot Creme.

Well I washed my hair not too long ago so now it's time to do something with it. Peace & Love~

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