Thursday, August 20, 2009

I can't believe this....That's life for ya....

I decided to co-wash last night. I co-washed with a mixture of my Garnier Fructis Strength & Repair Melting Mask and my Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship. It was a good co-wash I have no complaints there. I decided to co-wash last night by the way because I wanted to do pin curls. I didn't feel like getting up first thing in the morning to do all that before I had to go to work. So I moisturized and sealed then did my pin curls. Now I just took out my pin curls like an hour ago probably. They looked great. As you may know I live in Florida. Which means ridiculous humidity and heat. So anyway I wasn't going to have my curls falling today. So I did the unthinkable. I put holding spray with alcohol in it on my hair. BIG MISTAKE. First of all I got a little crazy with the spray. Sprayed way too much way too close. So my curls were weighed down. Which totally defeated the purpose of me using that junk on my hair. So I just combed that crap out. I probably shouldn't have done that. I know I shouldn't have because I had a lot of breakage. Which upset me, but obviously there is nothing I can do about that.

I only have a few hours to go before work so I'll most likely be wearing a bun there. Tonight I'll probably do a protein treatment and a Deep Condition. Which upsets me more because I just washed last night. I'm not an everyday washer ya'll. Twice a week is more then enough for me. So I'm just going to take this as a lesson learned and stay away from that crap. Never again I tell you.

By the way in my Better Late Then Never... post I forgot to put my HE Totally Twisted Conditioner in the picture. Not that it would help my product junkie image.

I also forgot to post my braid out pictures from the other day so here goes.

Before I took the braids out

After I took them out
By the way when I do my braid outs I put rollers at the end. The first braid out I did was without rollers and my ends were looking like they were in their own world. This is by far the best braid out I've had to date. I'll probably do one again Friday night.

Well that is it for the time being. Peace & Love

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