Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Regimen.....Plus minor errors

Before I get to my regimen update I have to correct some errors. Ok In my "Yeah I Know" post something happened when I was editing it and now the regimen part is gone. So yeah I guess it doesn't matter since I'm about to update my regimen anyway so here goes~

Wash Day
Shampoo-Creme of Nature Detangling Conditioning Shampoo
Conditioner-Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner
First Monday of every Month I will use a Clarifying Shampoo
Clarifying Shamppo-Vo5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Shampoo

Various Conditioners

Various Conditioners
Coconut Oil
Various Other Oils

Twice A Day
Mango Butter
African Pride Braid Spray
Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil
Various Other Moisturizers
I don't use all of these twice a day maybe one or two in the morning then a different one at night.

Protein Treatment:
Every week or Every other week
ORS Mayonnaise
ORS Replenishing Pak

I have a lot of products so that's why I say "various". Plus I like to switch up my moisturizers every now and then. So I don't always use the same everyday. Tomorrow I will be trying a new shampoo so I might change my regimen again if it turns out well. I haven't decide if I'm going to use my new conditioner after I shampoo or just end up using that as a co-wash. Well until tomorrow. Peace & Love~

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